No Input Ensemble

We'd love to see you at one of our concerts. If you can't make it in time, we'd enjoy having a chat with you over a cup of coffee*.

* Seriously, if you would like to talk to or interview one of us, please don't hesitate to arrange a meeting via email. We would be happy to invite you to a coffee and a piece of cake
if you visit us in Karlsruhe.

Upcoming Concerts

    There are no upcoming concerts planned at the moment. Please stay tuned for further information and check our Facebook page for updates.

Past Concerts

  • live-music to the silent movie "Champagne" by Alfred Hitchcock

    Filmtheater Schauburg


    For "Traumfabrik Nr. 12", the cinema Schauburg hosts the No Input Ensemble to create live-music accompanying the 1928 silent movie "Champagne" by the young Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Elektrosmog | Zeitraumexit

    Hafenkirche Mannheim


    At Elektrosmog | Zeitraumexit the No Input Ensemble interprets "Number Pieces - Four" by John Cage and performs the premier of "Rondo" by the ensemble itsself.

  • Studiokonzerte 2016

    Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum, Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe


    Together with the drummer Stefano Costanzo from Napels the No Input Ensemble performed an improvisational piece at the University for Music Karlsruhe. Have a listen!

  • MultiNO!! Festival

    Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka, Oslo


    4-13 January 2016 in various venues in Oslo and Tønsberg. Presented and co-organized by Multiversal, Edge of Wrong, Nonfigurativ Musikk and RPT in collaboration with numerous musicians and performers from all around the globe…

    No Input Ensemble's Tim Schmele in concert with Hilde Marie Holsen and others

    January 9, 10:30pm: Schmele/Taeggi/Tuccella
    January 10, 11:50pm: Schmele/Holsen

  • Epistrophé — ARD Hörspieltage 2015

    Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe

    • 2015-11/DSC_8083.jpg

    During the examination of Stanley Kubrick’s movie „2001. A Space Odyssey“, the ensemble heightened an awareness of the relationship between humans and human tools and instruments.

    For the ARD Hörspieltage, the annual German state broadcasting corporation’s festival for radio plays, the No Input Ensemble developed a scenical instrumental radio play in cooperation with the media artist and turntablist 2xC. The piece focuses on the role of instruments as tools in the context of their compositional process.

  • Festival Exhibitronic

    Le Shadok, Strasbourg, France

    • 2015-12/DSC_7749.jpg

    Together with Michael Vierling from the Karlsruhe artists' collective nil and Michele Samarotto, the No Input Ensemble performs live in concert as part of the international multi-disciplinary arts festival Exhibitronic. The event will take place in Strasbourg's Le Shadok, an exceptional location made for innovative arts and business forms.

  • Geografie del suono #21 / Festival Multiversale

    Ex Asilo Filangieri, Naples, Italy

    • 2015-11/12241111_479015708925763_3443468157967568115_o.jpg

    GEOGRAFIE DEL SUONO – incontri con musicisti in transito – è un progetto prodotto dall’Ex Asilo Filangieri che mira a favorire e promuovere gli incontri all’insegna dell’improvvisazione tra musicisti di varie aree geografiche e stilistiche. Ciò avviene in un contesto – l’Asilo – che fa dello scambio, dell’interazione e del coworking tra artisti una delle sue fondanti idee guida.

    Multiversal è una rete di musicisti, artisti, performer, organizzatori e spazi.

    Il suo scopo è scoprire realtà indipendenti interessate al suono e all’improvvisazione (non come genere, ma come metodo), creare piattaforme e occasioni per queste realtà di incontrarsi, collaborare e creare/elaborare nuove idee e progetti.
    Nell’ottobre scorso, e per la prima volta in Italia, la carovana del Multiversal è sbarcata a Napoli. A distanza di un anno, l’esperienza si ripete, intrecciandosi, grazie a Geografie del Suono, con i musicisti del No Input Ensemble.

  • No Input Ensemble in Concert

    Sala polivalent, Campus del Poblenou Roc Boronat, Barcelona

    • 2015-11/DSC_7187.jpg

    Phonos, one of the oldest foundational institutions for electronic music in Barcelona, hosts the No Input Ensemble for a concert at Sala polivalent, UPF Campus del Poblenou.

    Free entrance until full capacity.

    • 2015-11/DSC_7129.jpg
    • 2015-11/DSC_7126.jpg

    This open rehearsal of the No Input Ensemble will provide a general overview of the "No Input Music" genre with some demos showing their basic principles. They will also explain the program notes for the concert that will take place the day after in collaboration with the Phonos Foundation.

    Free entrance until full capacity.

  • Festa Major del Poblenou 2015

    Niu, Carrer dels Almogàvers, 208, 08018 Barcelona

    • 2015-11/Barcelona Niu.jpg

    The No Input Ensemble is honoured to perform as part of the annual festivities of Barcelona's Poblenou district at the Niu Espai Artístic, a local art space.

    With support by
    (Jungle Jungle / Deep Jungle Set)

    Free entrance until full capacity.

  • next_generation 6.0 Festival / GLOBALE Karlsruhe

    ZKM_Medientheater, Karlsruhe

    • 2015-09/DSC_5449.jpg

    We are proud to be part of the next_generation 6.0 festival opening concert and thus part of the ZKM's GLOBALE.

    Over a period of five days and five nights, next_generation 6.0 offers an interesting and full program, providing information on cutting-edge approaches to subjects such as Fixed Media, Spatial Music and Live Electronics. With this, next_generation 6.0 guarantees a representative overview of current creative work by up-and-coming composers and the next generation of musicians in technology and art.

    More information

    next_generation 6.0 Concert I

  • Lange Nacht der Kultur Kaiserslautern 2015

    Ehem. Gefängniskapelle Alcatraz

    • 2015-06/11412140_427314594095875_864846576391302677_o.jpg
    • 2015-06/11393333_427314597429208_8487607088447852857_o.jpg

    Extraordinary music at an extraordinary location: the No Input Ensemble performs at a former prison chapel. In two performances of 30 minutes, new works for short-circuited mixing desks are presented by the five musicians.

    Performance A – 8:00pm

    Performance B – 10:00pm

    The "Lange Nacht der Kultur Kaiserslautern" is an annual event hosted by the municipality of Kaiserslautern during which museums, concert halls and other art spaces stay open late for special concerts and exhibitions.

  • elektrosmog

    zeitraumexit, Hafenstraße 68, Mannheim

    • 2015-05/11252018_418758801618121_5178502107838882611_o.jpg

    We are honoured to be part of the elektrosmog event series for experimental music, which regularly hosts concerts and roundtables.

  • IMWI Studiokonzerte — 25th Anniversary Concert

    Wolfgang-Rihm-Forum, Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe

    • 2015-01/20150123_205550.jpg

    After the studio premiere of "Transition Linker", broadcasted live on the radio stations BR Klassik and Der Junge Kulturkanal on November 23, 2014, the No Input Ensemble will perform their first fully transcribed piece anew on stage.

    "Wechselspannung", the performance originally developed for the Strasbourg art gallery Stimultania will be interpreted in the context of a stage-focused audience as a revised version.

    The "Studiokonzerte" concert series, organised by the IMWI Institute for Musicology and Music Informatics at the University of Music Karlsruhe, has been recurring (bi-)annually since the first concert in 1989 / 1990. This year, we celebrate the 25th "Studiokonzerte" anniversary with four concert nights featuring student work ranging from extraordinary live performances to "classical" acoustic computer music.

  • ZeitGenuss 2014

    Schloss Gottesaue, Karlsruhe

    • 2014-11/DSC_5298 Kopie.jpg

    Within the scope of a festival for contemporary music with more than ten world premieres, the No Input Ensemble and 2xC perform their award-winning piece "Fieber. Kommentarwerk zum Gebirgskriegsprojekt" in a new, revised version.

    More information on the Karlsruhe city website

  • Festival Exhibitronic

    Stimultania, Strasbourg

    • 2014-10/1548013_10204836597771765_535158450469011979_o.jpg
    • 2014-10/DSC_4668.jpg
    • 2014-10/DSC_4615.jpg

    The Festival of Numeric Culture, organised by the artist collective l'état latent.

    We will play along with Johannes Kreidler, Yvan Etienne, Florent Colautti, Frédéric Santiago Perreten, Javier Muñoz Bravo, Nikolet Burzyńska, Kalina Swiatnicka, Jean Scherrer, and many more.

  • Karl Sczuka Prize Award Ceremony 2014

    Stravinsky-Saal, Donauhallen Donaueschingen

    • 2014-10/DSC_3883.JPG
    • 2014-10/DSC_3909.JPG
    • 2014-10/DSC_3914.JPG

    On October 19, 2014, the No Input Ensemble and 2xC were awarded the Karl Sczuka Sponsorship award. The awarding ceremony was broadcast live as a radio show on SWR2. Our very own Timothy Schmele and Christian Claus (2xC) were interviewed and a recording of our prize-winning composition "Fieber. Kommentarwerk zum Gebirgskriegsprojekt" was played on air.

    Listen to the radio show in full length

  • Fifth International Symposium on Music / Sonic Art

    Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, Am Schloss Gottesaue 7, Karlsruhe

    • 2014-10/noinput-ambient1.jpg

    Performance of the "Fieber — Kommentarwerk zum Gebirgskriegsprojekt." in the context of the international MuSA Symposium — Exploring embodiment in music and sonic art.

    The principal aim of MuSA 2014 was to advance interdisciplinary investigations in – as well as between – music and sonic art. This year’s theme: Exploring embodiment in music and sonic art.

    MuSA 2014 devoted one day to the specific theme: Re-thinking the Musical Instrument. We are glad to have been able to perform in front of internationally acclaimed experts from the domains of musicology and music informatics.

  • Angewandte Elektronik 3

    AKK Karlsruhe

    • 2014-10/IMG_2833 copy.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2847 copy.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2867 copy.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2871 copy.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2893.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2929 copy.jpg

    Premiere of the performance "Rewire".

    Composed in a less strict fashion, "Rewire" became a piece to go perfectly with an unusual context for serious music: a club where we as performers would be able to interact with the audience. Markus Tateoka Schroeder provided astonishing glitch art visuals and with a potent fog machine, the atmosphere at AKK was surpassingly fresh and delightful for No Input music.

  • European Cultural Days / Gebirgskriegsprojekt

    Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, Großes Studio

    • 2014-10/noinput-fieber-2.jpg
    • 2014-10/IMG_2374.JPG
    • 2014-10/noinput-fieber-4.jpg
    • 2014-10/noinput-fieber-3.jpg
    • 2014-10/noinput-fieber-5.jpg
    • 2014-10/noinput-fieber-1.jpg

    The No Input Ensemble and 2xC appeared 6 times (May 13, 14, 15 and May 20, 21, 22) on the Large Studio stage at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.

    We performed "Fieber — Kommentarwerk zum Gebirgskriegsprojekt" for 5 short-circuited mixing desks and one turntable. "Fieber" is a commentary work on Jorge E. Lopez' "Gebirgskriegsprojekt" and incorporates the performers' impressions and reactions to the original work. It presents the examination of the mountain war topos, especially in the Alps during the first world war, in an artistic form.

    More details on the European Cultural Days website



  • Studiokonzert der HfM Karlsruhe

    Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, Am Schloss Gottesaue 7, Karlsruhe

    • noinput-lvl99-deblur.jpg

    LVL:99 incorporates multiple layers of both musical and technical complexity by making performers able to mutually modify their sounds. An electronic organism emerges in subtle and less subtle ways.